Some of the projects I have had the pleasure of editing.
(All totally brilliant and well worth reading!)

Fernwood Publishing
A political/academic publisher. I did the developmental edit on all of these books and the copy edit on some.

Ideas on Fire
A progressive academic publishing and consulting service

Developmental Edit:

  • Chapter Two of Migration Moves: Arab Dance in the US in the Ebbs and Flows of War (PhD dissertation)
  • “We Are a Fantasy”: Trans Latina Epistemologies for Survival and Community (in progress)
  • Ernie McClintock and the Jazz Actors Family: Reviving the Legacy (Elizabeth M. Cizmar, Routledge 2023)
  • An article about a historic Black court case
  • An article about Black elders and political education
  • A book about Latin American literature
  • A book about Indigenous theatre in the Americas
  • An article about migrant labor
  • A book chapter about revolution in Ecuador
  • An article about US immigration policy and children
  • An article about wildfires in California
  • An article about social movements in Sudan
  • A book about Human Trafficking

Copy Edit:

  • “Computer Games as Landscape Art” (book proposal)
  • A wide variety of articles for Feminist Anthropology
  • Sections of a book about rural broadband
  • An article about Métis research methods
  • Articles about Black theatre history
  • An article about sport at an Indian boarding school
  • A proposal for a book about racism in the university
  • A book about disability and schooling
  • A book about representations of Indigenous people in film
  • An article about Black homelessness in LA
  • An article about Rakugo
  • An article about Indigenous peoples in Japan


  • Flexible Bodies: British South Asian Dancers in an Age of Neoliberalism (book)

Treatment Action Group
An HIV/AIDS research and advocacy organization

Copy Edit:

  • PReP and Microbicides Pipeline Report 2020
  • TAG Annual Report 2020, 2021, 2022
  • HCV Diagnostics Pipeline Report 2020
  • HCV Treatment Pipeline Report 2020, 2021
  • BMGF Landscape Analysis 2019
  • COVID-19 Policy Brief
  • ACT NOW:END AIDS Community Roadmap Executive Summary
  • ARV Pipeline Report 2021
  • Long-Acting Technologies Trials Tracker 2021, 2022
  • Illustrated Glossary for Long-Acting Technologies
  • HCV Treatment Pipeline 2021
  • HIV Vaccine Report 2022
  • TB Pipeline Report 2022
  • Breakthrough Infections Factsheet 2022
  • TAGLine 2022


Lorimer Books

  • New Brunswick’s First Black Loyalists (copy edit)
  • Crisis in Canada’s Policing (developmental and copy edit)
  • Myths of Modern History (copy edit)
  • Corporate Rules: The Real World of Business Regulation in Canada (copy edit)

University of Regina Press

  • Bread & Water (proofreading)
  • Defining Sexual Misconduct (proofreading)

University of British Columbia

  • Our Long Struggle: The Ipperwash Story (copy edit)
  • The Slow Rush of Colonization: Spaces of Power in the Maritime Peninsula, 1680–1790 (copy edit)

McGill Queen’s University Press

  • Socialist Yugoslavia and the Non-Aligned Movement: Social, Cultural, Political, and Economic Imaginaries (copy edit)
  • Forensic Colonialism: Genetics and the Capture of Indigenous Peoples (copy edit)

Individual authors
All levels of edit and more

All Levels of Edit:

  • “Combining disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation for greater effectiveness: Lessons from community-level interventions” (book chapter)
  • Reflective Practices in International Social Work (PhD dissertation)
  • “Black Immigrant and Refugee Men in Canada” (journal article)
  • In Practice: Liberatory Teaching and Learning (book)
  • Middle America: The Role of Emotion in a Cancer-Cluster Town (book)
  • An Institutional Ethnographic Inquiry Into Policing and Investigation of Migrant Sex Workers (dissertation)
  • Healing Life Wounds: Restoring Communities After Mass Violence (book)

Developmental Edit:

  • Media Hoaxing: The Yes Men and Utopian Politics (book)
  • Critical Disability Studies and Special Education Programs (MA thesis)
  • “Suffering, Silence, Community Brokenness and Mental Health in Post-Genocide Rwanda” (journal article)
  • Changing the Narrative: Antiracist Leadership in Schools (book)

Copy Edit:

  • “Visibility Matters: Documenting Black Women on Community Treatment Orders in Toronto” (PhD dissertation proposal)
  • “The COVID-19 Pandemic: An Immigrant-Indigenous Family Story on Reconnection, Resistance, and Resiliency.” (journal article)
  • “Indigenous Community-based Food Security: A Learning Experience with Inuit Elders, Knowledge-keepers, and Leaders.” (journal article)
  • “A Call to Protect Treaty Rights: Indigenous Community-led Energy and Water Consultation Policy Guidelines” (grant application)
  • “Second Wave” (blog post)
  • “A Message of Hope: Fragmentos, Melted Guns, and Art Education in Post-Conflict Colombia” (MA thesis)
  • Among Wolves: Our Story Among Mountain Klans and Tribes. A Memoir.
  • “A Critical Exploration of Nature and Mental Health Among Social Workers in Ontario” (PhD dissertation proposal)
  • Butterflies in the Trenches: The Hood, an Epic Bike Ride, and Finding Inspiration (YA memoir)
  • “Witchcraft and Healing in Post-Genocide Rwanda” (journal article)
  • “Reflections on What Homegrown Initiatives Can Bring to the Decolonization Table” (journal article)
  • “International Migration” (journal article)
  • “Approaches that Address Racial Trauma Among Black Canadians: A Theoretical Reflection” (journal article)
  • “Actions Needed to Promote Health Equity and the Mental Health of Canada’s Black Refugees” (journal article)
  • Scoping Review: Anti-Racist Practices That Might Work (report)
  • Wild Birds: Hiking Israel and Palestine (travel memoir)
  • Disrupting the Status Quo: Leveraging Collective Teacher Efficacy for the Achievement and Well-Being of BIPOC and Low Socioeconomic Students (PhD dissertation)