Not sure your writing project is ready to see the light of day? I’m here to help!

Editing — There are several levels of editing, from big picture to minutiae. See the descriptions below to see which level (or levels) best meets your need.

Developmental or Structural Editing — for those times you need help with the big picture. Are your arguments strong and clear? Do some ideas need to be fleshed out more? Does the text need to be restructured? Are there sections that need to be moved, reworked, or eliminated entirely? Does it need to be written for a different audience?

Stylistic Editing — for those times you need help with the words. Do you need help with word choice? Know you’re guilty of run-on sentences? Do you need to eliminate jargon or smooth your language? Do you need to change the reading level to make it accessible to a particular audience? Perhaps English isn’t your first language and you want to ensure you are using words correctly.

Copy Editing — for those times you need help with the grammar. This is a close reading of the text to ensure that grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics are all correct, words and ideas are used consistently, and tables and images are all formatted properly. In short, copy editing takes care of all the details. Copy editing may also include fact checking, reference checking, and clarification of issues surrounding permissions and liability.

Proofreading — for those times you just need an extra set of eyes. For documents that have been fully edited and formatted and just need a final check to ensure all of the i’s have been dotted and t’s have been crossed.

Research — for those times you need help with the facts. Does your writing project require fact checking or updating? Perhaps you need some assistance with citations? Or are you running a research project and need the help of a research assistant, project coordinator, or research analyst? If you have any of these or other research needs, I am here to help.

Contact me for more information or a quote. Give me some information about what you’re working on and I’ll be in contact!